Cities vulnerable to climate change in Pakistan

Here are the lists of cities in Pakistan that are greatly affected by climate change and why. 

floods in Pakistan
  1. Karachi-

Karachi is venerable to rising sea levels and is on the list of the cities that will be most venerable to rising sea levels according to a 2019 study. Along with that, it is proven by recent events Karachi is also much unarmed against floods.


  1. Jacobabad-

  Pakistani cities had experienced very high temperatures for several years. But just earlier this year, the city of Jacobabad hit a record high of 51 degrees Celsius during the peak of the last heat wave in May. Locals live in extreme poverty and have to deal with scorching heat. Now as in the time of writing, Jacobabad has faced devastating floods sweeping away hundreds of homes and adding to locals worries.

  1. Larkana


Larkana is a city that sits around 25 km away from the Indus river and is said t be the most flood affected area in Pakistan, refugees having to take refuge on elevated rods to avoid the water