Middle east water crisis

The middle east is facing many environmental crisis one thing that has been recently noted by scientists is that…we are facing a water crisis Some of these countries, including Yemen, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, are facing unique problems that require global, immediate attention.

The Middle East produces the world’s largest oil reserves much of the wealth of the region. Nevertheless, the region’s climate and environment make life difficult. The Middle East needs water resources and suitable land for agriculture. Most of the land available for food production is being destroyed by increasing desertification. Located on the Arabian Peninsula, the United Arab Emirates is famous for its gorgeous cities.


Luxury resorts, shopping and attractions. The livelihoods of these lavish emirates might make you think water scarcity isn’t a problem.

Problems in these rich countries. However, the reality is that the UAE is facing a severe depletion of available water resources. Report from The Emirates Industrial Bank said in 2005 that his per capita water consumption in the UAE was the highest in the world. Furthermore, for example

Over the last 30 years, the water table in this region has fallen by about 1 meter per year. At this current rate

The United Arab Emirates will deplete its natural freshwater resources in about 50 years….