The Dubai Municipality

I visited the Dubai municipality a few days ago to learn more about their project, SSO. Let’s see what they’re doing!

First a little about Dubai municipality:

The Dubai Municipality is responsible for city services and the upkeep of facilities in the Emirate of Dubai. The government of Dubai is responsible for this organization. In 2001, the municipality embarked on an e-government project to provide 40 of its city services online.



SSO stands for “smart sustainability oasis.” It’s a project that is similar to a recycling center, but smarter. When you enter the recycling center, a friendly voice welcomes you. The center has a sensor that automatically notifies the pickup people when and where to collect recyclable materials.


The waste is collected by AVERDA, a waste management company, and then recycled.

A little about Averda; 

n the developing world, Averda—which has operations in Africa, the center East, and India—is the highest waste management and use business. Over 60,000 massive and tiny purchasers within the public and business sectors believe AVERDA  for a broad variety of garbage and recycling services. These embody well-known names in an exceeding type of industries, as well as oil and gas, automotive, retail, and hospitality, moreover because of the municipal governments of great cities.

In addition to the vending machines, there is also a unique transformer that turns junk into something reusable. Aluminum can be used to make anything from cars to chairs. And because we often work in sunny climates, we’ve been able to set up a smart recycling center that uses solar panels and sensors to ensure the right types of waste are treated. So you can take full advantage of what you can do without electricity. This type of innovation is useful in developing countries where resources are expensive and scarce.

All of these 13 recycling centers are placed all around the city and accessible by everyone- and by everyone, I mean everyone! “The center is designed in a way that everyone- Even the people in wheelchairs can access it,” says ____.



Well! That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed the blog! and I will see you in the next one!


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