5 Reasons I Believe Imran Khan is a Green Prime Minister

Imran Ahmed Khan is a Pakistani politician and former cricketer who served as the 22nd prime minister of Pakistan from 2018 to 2022. During this period of time the prime minister has done a lot to improve Pakistan, Yet alone Climate Change!

This catastrophe was obvious 20 years ago, but we were all in denial at the time. No one expected this to happen, or that the temperature would begin to rise. “No one expected this to have any consequences,”.

Pakistan is a really venurable country when it comes to climate change from melting glacears to rising sea levels Lets see what has inran khan done about it

1.The billion tree tsunami

The Billion tree tsunami is a reforestation act by PM Imran Khan in 2014 in hope to planting new forests and reviving old woodland to deliver more than one new tree for every person on the planet

The project was Even displayed at Expo 2020 Dubai

2.The Zero-Emmision metro

Furthermore, Imran khan has also introduced the “zero emissions” metro line project designed to turn cattle dung into methane to power buses, which has already been approved for Karachi. 

This clean energy transition is complemented by the enactment of our first Electric Vehicle policy, which targets 30% of our vehicles to go electric by 2030. 

-Imran Khan (Source: Weforum.org)

3.The clean green Pakistan act

This national campaign underpins behavioral change and institutional strengthening while addressing plantation, solid waste management, liquid waste management/ hygiene

4.The 10 billion tree tsunami

The Ten Billion Tree Tsunami not only ailing ecosystems and improves the natural capital but it also creates jobs for almost 85,000 wage earners, Moreover, Pakistan’s protected initiative will create about 6000+ new long term jobs

5.Hosting the world Environment day

On 22nd February 2022 Pakistan Announced that they will be hosting the World environment day (WED) Theme: Only One Earth

Well that all for today,I hope you have enjoyed this blog stay tuned for more and i will see you in the next one!

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Imran khan