Amazing Animals Of The World

1. Leopard seal

Description: Cute Leopard seal picture taken by Jörg on his cruise to Antarctica. | Leopard  seal, Sea lion, Leopard

Awww~ look at this cutie don’t you just want to hug him?

leapord seal facts

Well think twice this leopard seal They can swim up to 23mph (37kph) making them fast enough to launch themselves out of the water and onto ice or land to avoid being caught And they won’t hesitate to drown you if they fell like if they are in danger. So if you see these guys if you go to Antarctica think twice before approaching them.

2.Thorny devil

Thorny devil

This guy looks like he came out of a fiction book! This is the thorny devil or the thorny lizard native to Australia what is so special about it? Well, no its not those thorns all over its body but the fact that it can camouflage according to the weather.

3. Albino Panda

panda facts

This albino panda was caught wandering in the reserves of china the reason it got such a color is because of very rare albino genes it is very uncommon for albino animals to survive but the person who saw the rare white panda noted he was strong and his steps were steady. I wonder what the cutie is up to right now!

4. The pink katydid

pink katydid facts

Just as you thought things couldn’t get any crazier I introduce to you the pink Katydid this pretty pink insect is a katydid it I s related to grasshoppers and crickets and this rare one is a Pepto-Bismol pink and were first discovered in 1874 sadly there are very few of them because of there bright pink color it’s not easy to blend in.  

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