Green Parenting Way: Eco-Friendly, Plastic-Free Toys

Looking tare you thinking to cut down plastic? Hard when small scientists want toys to play with. Fortunately, sparking a life-long love of art and science doesn’t require you to compromise your carbon footprint; in fact, there are lots of toys out there that limit environmental impact. OKIDO aims to inspire and encourage, allowing young children to grow and awaken their creativity while at the same time reducing consumption of plastic.

The Problem with Plastic

Plastic is affecting our lives more than many of us realise. A study, carried out by Incheon National University in South Korea and published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, shows that microplastics can now be found in 90 per cent of table salt sold around the world of samples collected from 21 countries in Europe, North and South America, Africa, and Asia, only three did not contain traces of microplastic.

What’s more, it’s estimated that the average adult consumes roughly 2,000 microplastics every year through table salt alone. Considering this is only one aspect of a wider, more  problem, there is an urgent need for changing public thinking, attitudes, and beliefs regarding plastics to combat the worst effects of its impact on the environment.

How can you be a Green Parent?

Parents are getting more conscious these days for environmentally aware products, it’s easier than ever nowadays to raise young children while remaining committed to green principles. It is proven that if the kids are introduced to green principles they tend to adopt it quickly and the likelihood of adopting the green practices is more. Being kind to Mother Nature whilst parenting young children doesn’t require any drastic changes; often it’s the simplest adjustments to your daily routine that are the most effective. There are few ways you can start the journey:

Play with eco- toys:

Every small scientist should care about the planet thy call home, the better way is to learn through play, parent shall facilitate green play methods and  choose toys that are both eco-friendly and plastic-free. There are various toys company making eco friendly toys. If you are looking for beautiful eco doll, do check out Fizza, eco friendly range here:

Emaanz Peekaboo Store

Walking more.

Don’t you think for small distances , we shall take a healthy walk and expose our children to vitamin D.Think of all the healthy vitamin D you’ll all be getting; also, consider how much you’ll save on fuel (and emissions!) by pulling on your wellies as opposed to starting your engine. Remember: if you’re travelling a relatively long way on foot, be sure to carry plenty of water with you in a refillable container rather than stopping for a single-use plastic bottle.

Making smart substitutions. 

Plastic bags!

Don’t you think you will highly benefit the environment by using alterntives to single use plastic bags, you can surely make a big impact. There are various sources where you can find totes bags and even you can make them from old T Shirts. Check out the video tutorial