Playdough for Fun, in a safe way!

“For shapes learning practice we decided to take help by fruity colored playdoughs”

This is the time when we started homeschooling Ahmed, my little cutie brother. Ahmed is a super energetic child and don’t know how to rest. To make him study is a uphill task for my mama. We bought various interesting books from him and we obviously used old ones which were bought for me too. For shapes learning practice we decided to take help by fruity colored playdoughs, he loved it to the core and leaned the shapes so easily.

But we found him eating the playdough too, so many questions popped up in my find:

1. Is the playdough safe for him to eat?
2. Are there any chemicals involved in the making?
3. Any more health hazard?      

After a bit of research, we came to a conclusion that commercial play doughs can not be trusted unless it is:

1.  Made of 100 % non toxic ingridients
2. It shall be rehydratable, with water based
3. BPA Free

And for me its very important that it should be eco friendly. Above points should be considered while buying a playdough, however it would be best if we make playdough at home only

How to make Homemade Play Dough

Play dough is pretty easy to make. In fact, it’s made with ingredients you probably already have. However, the safety of it depends on the ingredients you use.

Many play dough recipes call for edible ingredients that you can find in your pantry. But just because it is technically edible doesn’t make it good for your child. As the amount of salt and baking soda increases so does the unpalatability of the play dough. Your toddler might take a curious bite, but they’ll probably spit it right back out.

Even if your child does swallow play dough, homemade or not, it shouldn’t harm them. Chances are the taste will be so bad they won’t want to try it again, either.

Make sure you discourage eating play dough in the future and offer your child water in case the salt makes them thirsty.

If you’re still worried about your child eating play dough, there are recipes for that are meant to be eaten. In the least, these are at least safe, even if consumed in large amounts. Give edible versions a try before moving on to other doughs.